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Explainers: Copyright Agreements

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Explainer eBook 3D - Copyright Agreement

    Copyright Agreement


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    What is a Copyright Agreement


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    However, before an agreement is reached to assign or transfer the copyright, each party should enter into a valid Contract for Copyright Assignment. Under this agreement, the copyright owner agrees to transfer some or all of the ownership stake in respect of.
    the assignee of rights and interest in a copyrighted work. One of the most common ways of transferring ownership of the copyright in a particular material is through the provision of a Copyright Agreement, commonly provided by a publisher, producer or an employer.

    Copyright Agreements are used in various contexts, including:

    • Publishing: They could give exclusive publication right to publisher.
    • Music Industry: The owner of the copyright can be the record label.
    • Film and Television: It is possible for writers, directors or producers to pass their original rights to a film studio.
    • Employment: Works produced during employment might be copyrighted by employees to their employers.

    Both parties should also be aware of the meaning and effects of the Copyright Agreement before entering into it. It’s advisable, in most cases, consulting a lawyer who would help to shape all the terms of the agreement in line with the desires of the parties.



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