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Seven Contract Implementation Steps

Reading Time: 15 minutes

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Implementing your contracts is child's play and also time consuming. The choice to manage the existing contracts in addition to all new contracts, gives you a number of steps that you have to take. We take you every step of the way.

Scan contracts

Of course it is important to store your contracts digitally. And while you're busy scanning, why not immediately with fully digitally searchable content?

Contract Management eBook: Seven Contract Implementation Steps

eBook Seven Contract Implementation Steps12
eBook Seven Contract Implementation Steps17
Reading Time: 15 minutes

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What is this eBook about

Configure software
eBook Seven Contract Implementation Steps12

During the Kick-Off we showed you how to set up Mochadocs. Now it is important that you configure the software completely before you start entering contracts. We have prepared a checklist for you.

Enter contracts
eBook Seven Contract Implementation Steps17

Now that you know what you want to manage for each contract type, it's time to enter the contracts in Mochadocs.

When entering a contract, there are two parts that always play an important role in the future:

What is the end date of the contract?

Where can you find the physical contract?

The above sections apply to any contract. Depending on the type of contract, you can set even more tasks.

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By assigning ownership to a (part of a) contract, you also determine the escalation of the tasks that are linked to a (part of a) contract. You can assign ownership to the following parts of a contract: Contract - Subject - Task - Financial data - Document - Task planner

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By assigning ownership to a (part of a) contract, you also determine the authorization of that part. An owner of a (part of a) contract can make adjustments to that (part of a) contract.

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All your contracts together

A valuable source is the financial administration. Not that you will find your contracts there, but the consequences. Financial obligations are often linked to written agreements. By sifting through your finances, you can find out payment obligations and request the corresponding contracts from your customer and/or supplier.