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The 14 Contract Management Software requirements

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Selecting contract management software can be quite complicated. You often tend to name functionalities. The real question is whether you need these features for managing contracts or for something else.

The Pitfall

A contract is the starting point of almost all human actions and decisions. People from both inside and outside organizations and companies. So it is quite easy to explain why you want to add all kinds of components to Contract Management software. And also why you want to arrange all kinds of technical links with your contracts. The pitfall is that you could completely ignore the real problems.

Contract Management eBook: The 14 Contract Management Software requirements

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Reading Time: 15 minutes

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Cloud is Necessity
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The Cloud is an inseparable part of a Contract Management Software solution. With the Cloud you can reach all the right stakeholders without technical knowledge. Of course there are a number of important issues that play a role in terms of security, but they also play a role if you use software in your own infrastructure.

Find contracts quickly
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It seems like a quick purchase, but the need for a smart solution for managing the documents of a contract is fully present. And that is not in the storage itself, but in the authorization behind the storage.

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At a time when transparency has become an essential part of business operations, the Internet has become indispensable. The power of the Internet is that it can be reached almost everywhere. All your available information is therefore accessible with a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

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Automated End Date Monitoring

If you say it quickly, you run the risk of simply ignoring the requirement that this part of your Contract Management Software must be fully automated. By full we actually mean the full 100%. Contract management software must completely take over this administrative action.

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Avoid time-consuming searches for contracts

You can get very busy setting up that directory structure. And you have to keep track of what you have set up. Not having to think about it as a user means that you can also find it easily. We call that Smart Storage.

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Better secure your access

A multi factor authentication is an authentication method where you have to successfully go through several steps to gain access to something. For example, with the Google Authenticator app you can secure your Contract management application with two factor authentication.

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ISO 27001

The purpose of ISO 27001 is to guarantee your information security in a process-based manner. What matters is that you, as an organization, deal with data in a professional manner. That is why, to place your contract data with a cloud vendor, an ISO27001 is a requirement.

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Business Continuity

When a cloud service provider goes bankrupt, is in suspension of payments, or simply decides to terminate a service, as a customer you want to be sure that you retain access to the data and preferably also the application. At least until you find an alternative.